We believe your financial status and goals are unique and therefore deserve the competent, personal attention that only well-educated and experienced financial professionals can provide.


401(k), 403(b) and Profit Sharing Rollovers

At Protecting Your Retirement we can help you rollover and take control of your retirement assets as well as your future financial choices.

Retirement Income Strategies

We will provide a guaranteed retirement income strategy, which incorporates insurance and annuity vehicles to create opportunities for long-term growth as well as guarantee income throughout your retirement.

Wealth Accumulation

We understand that investing is an important aspect of your portfolio. We can help you discover financial choices that help make up for previous losses and put you on the right track to accumulating wealth.

Asset Protection

With the lack of security in the market, we will provide financial strategies to include some secured income products to help diversify your retirement assets. We will show you a variety of vehicles that will help you meet your retirement income goals.

Tax Minimization Planning

We specialize in tax minimization planning and will help you find the best vehicle to reduce your taxes and give you the best chance for a tax-free retirement.

Life Insurance

We offer life insurance policies to fit your needs. Call Protecting Your Retirement today to learn about ways to secure your financial future for you and your family.


We can refer you to a professional who can provide you with wills, establish trusts and provide other strategies to protect your assets and insure a lasting legacy.

Charitable Giving

We can help you find a qualified professional to assist you with providing a charitable gift when you pass. You may receive multiple tax breaks, as well.

Long Term Care

We can help evaluate your long-term care situation and determine if purchasing a long-term care insurance policy is the best move for your financial future.