The Fire Island Lighthouse

Growing up in a small village across the bay from the Fire Island Lighthouse, my family sometimes walked to the beach at night and searched for the light. Even on a foggy night we could see its light. On a clear night we could not only see the light but we learned how long its rotation took and we would try to count off the seconds until the next flash.

The Fire Island Lighthouse was an important landmark for transatlantic ships heading for New York Harbor. The original lighthouse was built over 60 years before the erection of The Statue of Liberty and for many European immigrants the Fire Island Lighthouse was their first site of land upon arrival in America.

We learned that the lighthouse was there to protect and guide the ships passing Long Island and that a lighthouse is a beacon of safety and trust.

Protecting Your Retirement has chosen the Fire Island Lighthouse as our symbol. We feel it provides a good illustration of the services we provide. Our mission is to help you learn and implement safe ways to protect, grow and enjoy your retirement assets; including guaranteeing an income that you cannot outlive.

The lighthouse proved to those on land and those passing by where they were. For those off shore it protected them from the rocks and shallow places dangerous to their journey. Protecting Your Retirement protects you from hitting the rocks and shallow places as you navigate your financial journey.

Don Wales

Founder – Protecting Your Retirement, LLC